Trump and his TransEndangered policy.

So once again Trumps idea that transgendered people cannot and will not serve in the US Military is Center stage. I just have one question?

Why does POTUS Trump insist that transgendered people be tucked away in relative safety while straight people are thrown into the IED grinder that’s the middle east?

Why does Trump value the lifes of transgendered people more than everyone else?  Maybe he plans to drop them all in North Korea? Who knows…


The Future of Tactical Genetic Warfare, the beginning

In 2001 J. Craig Venter`s biotech firm Celera Genomics successfully mapped the human genome before the National Institute of Healths N.I.H – Human Genome Mapping Project. The announcement came from the Rose Garden of the White House; that for the first time in recorded human history, the ‘blueprint’ for life had been decoded and saved in a digital database.

Deliberate and misleading propaganda such as: The end of cancer and the promise of longer healthier lives began to dominate the front pages of the New York Times, Time, Discover, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Scientific American and almost every newspaper in America. Designer medications tailored to your genome and Designer babies of the future, became catch lines in the tabloids when checking out at the grocery store.

The truth was that all the information that was gonna give us unicorns that shit rainbows was so garbled and confusing it would take another 2 years to develop a much clearer and detailed structure to even develop a cipher to understand how DNA and RNA actually code for life. But the deep empty and hollow promises of a euphoric future free of disease saturated the media and a new mega power entering nearly every home in America, the PC and free Internet thanks to the endless supplies of America Online at every checkout stand in the US. The Tech Bubble was designed to burst, why? Because the thought of copyrighting life and patenting genes wasnt even an after thought in the general publics collective concerns. But the potential financial windfalls for Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Israeli owned Intel, Germany Siemens and the endless US government greed for identification and surveillance all connected to a vast academic and private venture apparatus that would integrate the digital and biological. A pinnacle to a plan set in motion over 300 years ago. You don’t believe it? Type ILLUMINATI backwards into Google and see what you get!

This seed had been planted in the early 1980`s when Federal Express had Martin-Marietta, now Lockheed Martin, create the first war room called the Pony Farm in Memphis, TN that actually used a point and click program long before Windows and even as far back as Vietnam with the ARPANET. But it was the invention of the RFID tag in Denver, CO in the late 70’s that really showed who controlled humanities free will, today we call it the Atlantic Council.

Coincidentally, after the RFID, the Bayh-Dole Act was passed in Congress allowing state funded universities to use public funds, grants and student faculty to perform all the clinical research, drug trials, FDA clinical studies and years of NIH red tape. Academia saved companies millions of dollars while faculty professors, elected officials and medical board members built highly lucrative start-up ventures while pre-law students secured gene patents. This created a highly competitive and high anxiety environment with the students to produce results just to get their degree.

What would have cost the private sectors millions of dollars in Clinical Trials, FDA approval (for what that’s worth), licensing and copyright fees and having to pay employees and Lawyers to do all this was at the deliberate student loan enslavement that sold out an entire generation so tenured staff could gain financially while our children were buried by student loan debts that by law are impossible to forgive.

So in 2003 it was announced that a more detailed mapping of the Human Genome had been accomplished. Everyone was so proud that all the 2.3 billion base pairs of ACTG were mapped. Secretly there was a big elephant in the data, so to speak. Humans with all our intelligence and cognitive abilities, fell far short of the most abundant lifeforms on planet Earth, Plankton, which has over 90 billion base pairs in its Genome.

No one could answer why identical twins with totally identical genomes, with the same mutations, why one would develop breast cancer and the other one wouldn’t. Or what modern science called Junk DNA, the sequences of bases in between series of bases that coded for protein. Why was algae more genetically superior to humans? And why over a short amount of geological time, 250,000 years, have every human living today carry identical genetic mutations, 18 to be close, when the dogma of evolution dictates this should have taken hundreds of millions of years? The fact that we were genetically engineered by an extraterrestrial race, or even a race that had already called Earth home long before us, is a fact that many people don’t accept. It’s hard to accept any notion that like a heartbeat entire civilizations are one day thriving and the next day under a mile of ocean. Or maybe science ignores evidence of Bigfoot because they really don’t want to know that we were engineered from their DNA as a slave race. Another dark idea is that Homo Sapiens came to be after Cro-magnon man raped Neanderthal women.

So we’re all taught how precious life is and how miraculous we all are, but has the military known the truth for a long time and now were attempting to follow in the footsteps so to speak, of the progenitors of our 23 chromosome, phi ratio spiral antennae that interacts with a conscious geomorphic resonance, that churns out geometric patterns in the form of proteins and electrical impulses that resonate with the Earth itself at 7.83 hertz, Schumann Resonance. So why manipulate the outer recesses of the ionosphere and magnetosphere for black budget military operations?

When HAARP was built the Navy initially used the research to develop ULF communications so when a submarine dove deep, it would still be within contact. Then engineers with EE&G at the Groom Lake facility near the Nevada Test Range (area 51) discovered they could replicate high altitude nuclear detonations without the mushroom clouds, while others detonated nukes underground to construct city sized underground facilities and to also perfect the science of triggering earthquakes anywhere in the world by detonating smaller devices thousands of feet under French Mountain, which is on a fault line that runs most of the Nevada Utah border.

Even the name Area 51 seems to be cloaked in plain sight. It became really useful to the paperclip nazis who used a secret facility in Poland called SS4 to develop Hitler wonder weapons. Coincidentally the area at 51 with the cool alien Shit is called S4. Totally secluded by the Department of Energy, which is a corporation not a government agency. The office of civil defense. And 51 means the 51st state of America controlled by the CIA or catholics in action. Which is why in 1954 President Dwight Eisenhower almost invaded area 51 with the US 1st Army. The Supreme Allied Commander with 5 stars and President of the United States had Nazi science and engineering being financed by Martin Bohrman and the Rothschild bank of England and protection from the CIA who were also flush with third Reich gold initiating the MK Ultra program at Camp Hero at Montauk. Who would have thought to use SAGE over the horizon radar for mass mind control? Only the Vatican/Nazi/Jesuit pedophiles who began to run the CIA and NACA, the predecessor to NASA.

Make no mistake, Operation Cloverleaf is and was very real. Dr. Edward Teller along with the RAND corporation introduced the concept we know as Chemtrails, or geoengineering, at a Club of Rome meeting in the late 1950’s, but why?

It’s no secret that were all headed into another ice age and climate change is nothing but Bullshit. Glacial ice is accumulating a lot in places and melting in others. The sea level is rising in places and not in others. The US Navy keeps its hyper accurate hydrographic ocean floor surveys more secretive than their secret lunar mapping missions like Clementine. Just look at the gravity anomaly maps from NASA’s GRACE missions and look at how the sea level rise, ice melt and arctic methane release in Siberia correlates with drastic changes in gravity fluctuations, especially the anomaly in West Antarctica. Gravity Anomaly Data

Hopi and Zuni people of northern Arizona, New Mexico and Utah arrived in the four corners area almost 22,000 years ago, after their white skinned brother led them from what is now Peru. A great cataclysm devastated the biology of Earth, and it’s going to happen again, acording to their elders. So when Caltech astronomers discovered what is called planet 9, and this mysterious object is responsible for Neptune being pulled out of orbit. Saturn’s rings raining in on themselves. Jupiter’s great red spot vanishes and a smaller spot appears in its northern hemisphere. Venus’s rotation has slowed by 6 minutes in the last 12 years. Precession of the Equinox is over 22,000 years long. The Greeks called them ages, the Veda’s called them Yugas. And like a celestial clock civilizations rise and fall. We’re entering the age of Aquarius, that’s ruled by Saturn, the god of order and enforcement and is represented by the element Uranium! Caltech Impact on solar system from Planet 9

Aquarius – Enlightenment – Annhilation

And for over 70 years the government’s of the world have been preparing for alternatives 2 and 3. The Apollo missions were a smoke screen for the secret military space program carried out at Vandenberg, AFB in California.

Area 51 isn’t just for engineering interstellar craft such as the TR3B Astra which gets its name from the ancient Hindu Vimana Astra hqdefault


Known as Manta. Developed at the Lockheed Martin Palmdale Skunk works facility in the 90’s

A 50,000 year old text in highly advanced aeronautics which also acted as blueprints for the engineering of the atomic bomb during the Manhattan project 50,000 year old technology that’s classified

CNN i report on the TR3b Astra

First genetically modified human embryo

The experience before the journey.

Long ago the Cheyenne people say the legend of their people began with finding a baby in the snowy backwoods of what is now the Dakotas alone with no cry.  The baby was named Sweet Medicine and as the baby grew into a child the people of the Cheyenne knew Sweet Medicine had remarkable gifts and that as he turned into a man he would lead the Cheyenne people into many years of prosperity.

As manhood embarked upon Sweet Medicine all the people accepted him as the first chief of their people.  They Cheyenne were already a proud people with many villages in the American Northwest and Sweet Medicine knew this and established the first Chief Council of 44.  Sweet Medicine declared that the chiefs were not elected, chosen by bloodline or any other form of lineage, only by the respect and admiration of the people as a whole and that all chiefs swore an oath to the people to live a life of caring, giving and most important, the poorest of the people.  If someone needed something and the chief had it, it was to be given without hesitation. Living this life meant that his purity of mind and spirit was the only and purest way to provide wisdom and knowledge to his people.  The council of 44 would often meet to ensure the oral heritage of their people was never broken, and Sweet Medicine was the poorest of all.

As Sweet  Medicine grew old, one day he simply said it was time for him to leave for age had finally came upon him for him to leave.  Before leaving he told the council of 44 that in the many cycles of life to come, a strange man will show up on our land.  These men will take everything and leave nothing in their search for a stone.  Their food will become poison making them ill.  These strange men will force them off their land and force them to forget who their people really are.  Sicknesses will kill many women, children and men while strange waters will become consumed by the people by these strange men, poisoning their minds as they become consumed by its intoxication.  This is when the Cheyenne people will form Warrior Societies and many will die as the great people of the Cheyenne will be told where to live and how to run their culture.  But before walking away he ended by stating, he will soon return as the Rainbow Prophecy predicts.  He was never seen again, and this happened over 1800 years ago.

The Cheyenne believed that death reflected on the next 7 generations, making this life an experience to teach and learn for the journey that followed.

I write this because fear is simply the unknown, so people today are mostly out for themselves with no regard for the next generation.  Wealth or the accumulation of things now dictates your societal status and education sadly begins after school.  Yet it doesn’t have to be like this if you choose not to be.  The most profound experience in my personal life that forever changed my perception of who I wanted to be was the death of my grandfather, a loved and respected man.  As cancer ate away his lungs and he drew his last breaths of air, his eyes were entranced within my grandmothers eyes.  When he died, we all wept, yet he still was looking into the eyes of my grandmother.  His last breath was one of a devotional love that I hope to experience, not only for my soulmate, but the legacy of compassion, integrity and love that I may leave behind as a final lesson, just as he blessed me with.

In the end of our experience, what will our last breath mean to those we leave behind? Together we can change our world one person and one legacy at a time.  Peace and love to all.